My Attention the Homophobes Weren't Actual Runescape Players

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My Attention the Homophobes Weren't Actual Osrs Runescape Players


It's been drawn to my attention the homophobes weren't actual RuneScape Gold  players, which honestly just gets the"why did not they understand from osrs" more absurd, shouldent let hate bands triumph, particularly not when they do not play your match in the first place. I had a dream the other night I was soloing bandos. I was draining the minions not paying attention. Bandos spawns, begins slapping me, and its then that I notice I acquired a pet that is bandos. I begin panicking super fucking hard, I don't have any prayer and no food left, mad dash to the altar into tele, and die halfway there. I wake up freaking out that I just lost my brand new bandos pet... took me a minute to reconcile with the reality that I had one. In the dream, god enemies was much more harmful, with walls and flooring like in the pass, thought if it had been real that could make a thing.

It's not exactly a fantasy but back in 07 with bounty hunter caves, you could not leave if you killed your target if you got something great you couldn't protect item. Me and a friend killed this man for a BGS because he couldn't leave and because he was not our goal we had to wait it out, we ended up dropping and dying it. The dream however was us getting out and selling the bgs for about 20m at the moment. A dream I had was perishing and forgetting to get my stuff because I was watching TV, after I dropped 28m at beasts. Almost gave myself a heart attack once I thought I did it but ends up my bond.

I dreamed once that I was staking in the time like 100m and that I kept on series that was craziest. I reached 100b was so exciting until I realised it had been a fantasy and woke up. Same thing happened with party hats back in today will dream that I got a blue from a dropparty falador. Just to thn wake up and appreciate it wasnt sad.If they just outright said"We want to change this to seem innovative. Please gives us more money for being virtuous." I would not be mad. It's obvious they are pandering and they attempt to conceal that using this"being the right thing to do" lol. Jagex would like to earn money and somebody convinced some manager this will definitely help do that.The hamfisted manner this change was executed (breaking up the Feud quest which relied upon the gag) informs me it's more probably some clueless supervisor who forced the change.

I don't care what you state the LGBT thing was great and I'm glad they shook up the apparently homophobic subset of their audience, those people go out of their way to make homosexuals feel undesirable and uncomfortable and their small protest just goes to show how childish and not worthy of listening to they were, they all did was exemplify why it was wanted to buy osrs gp be truthful, so I won't shed a tear for their gloomy asses and I still wear my rainbow scarf.