Divination and Invention to be appealing to OSRS

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Divination and Invention to be appealing to OSRS


Funnily enough I really tried to make a prison style room at the bottom right of the guild where certain creatures would be held, although I had more of it being held as decorations in your mind the conservation aspect is actually really interesting, puts Slayers longer consistent with hunters instead of Witcher types.I guess that is just how I've always seen it, particularly with Konar. IRL (here in the US anyways) states are broken up into units and just a certain amount of hunting licenses are issued each unit. As populations change, so do the availability of permits.I guess I see Slayer as people control. Kill X of a monster they don't start attacking people, but maybe not too many that they get.How would you change these abilities: Dungeoneering Summoning, Divination and Invention to be appealing to RuneScape Gold  ?

I love to think the Slayer's guild could have a sort of zoo kinda like Turok Evolution had. You wont be allowed to kill them. The dialog will be when told that: Player: It's outrageous! It is unfair! How can there be a Slayer's Guild but not allowed to kill things!? Guild Master: Take a seat Slayer Master. The creatures here are of our conservation efforts. Without these breeding pairs, adventures just like you would have wiped these creatures ago.

I'd change summoning not to be impactful into the combat experience of this game, I loved things and having a buyable skill that you still needed to work for Summoning was among my earliest ever 99s! In terms of the other three, if we could I believe we'd launch Dungeoneering less a skill but as a sort of raid or minigame. Invention and divination however, I wouldn't personally need in Old School.

I have a half made layout doc of' osrs gp   Summoning' but finally I figured it would not work for a couple reasons... Firstly pets and how followers generally are becoming a highly appreciated'decorative' that players prefer to flaunt. It would dramatically decrease the appeal of pets, if we had a bunch of new followers. Second, what I'd removed (BoB, combat familiars) of it I guessed most would not really call it Summoning anymore. There were other problems (motor ) which came up from discussions too so I gave up on the idea. In terms of divination and invention... Warding had been an attempt to make them more appealing as a package - I don't think it worked. I'd love the content, however as a minigame/raid as opposed to a skill.